• New Cuisine de Voiture post up on The Red Line: Guinness Beef Barley Stew. Because beef, unlike pokemon, can not only be trained in your car -- it can be cooked, as well.
  • News post on The Red Line: Looking For A Job? Top Gear Needs A New Stig. Some stringent qualifications required, as well as relocation. Must be an alien and willing to knock Rubens Barrichello into a wall with no notic, etc. etc. *coughs*
  • New video post at The Red Line: Rallying a Fiat 500 Abarth: Crank Those Speakers It's. Um. Yes. Well. It just needs to be longer. And I need a moment alone. Excuse me.

  • New editorial post at The Red Line: MINI USA FAIL When you do stuff like this, guys? It's really just an insult, and that's coming from someone who generally has a good opinion of you. Just imagine what I'd say if I didn't. :P
  • New post on The Red Line: ProDrive's Plans for their WRC Future We knew there was no way they were out of the WRC for good. And about time, too. A contest only between Citro├źn and Ford just isn't as exciting to watch. :P