Speaking of Sebs, it appears that's what we've named the yard bunny we see most frequently. We just haven't decided whether to spell it with an "a" or an "e." And if we later find out he's a girl, one supposes "Sebastienne" is kind of pretty. :D
Short one today I'm afraid, as I've been working more offline than on...:)

  • New Geek Craft post up on CraftyCrafty: We Need More Time, Captain! Ever wish you had more time? And/or that you had what might possibly be the most awesome piece of Star Trek geekcraftery ever on your wall? YOUR WISH HAS BEEN ANSWERED...or, it will be, if you go take a look at this clock and/or order one from the Etsy seller who made it. At least fifty shades of awesome, this is! :D

  • New news post on CarEnvy: How Long Has GM Got? CAW President Ken Lewenza predicts that GM will enter bankruptcy proceedings in the next week.