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( May. 7th, 2010 03:09 pm)
At long last, I'm ready to unleash the awesome that is the garden project we've been working on for awhile in Jannilandia. The initial plan was mine, but Joe made it better. I ♥ teamwork. :)

It originally started as planter boxes with a trellis, but we didn't put bottoms on them, so it's essentially raised beds. The majority of the wood (everything that wasn't part of the box frames or the trellis) came from repurposed pallets. Since they're meant for vegetables, and I believe strongly in growing things organically, I used several coats of tung oil to aid in weatherproofing the wood. I know that eventually it will decay, but that should aid in its longevity considerably. (Another reason the pallets were attractive was actually the fact that generally, the wood used to build them is untreated.)

Originally, I'd thought we could use heavy-duty staples to mount the home plastic fencing on the hinged trellis A-frame. Joe came up with the frame-on-frame sandwich, screwing the fencing into place for added strength and security. (See what I mean? I came up with a good idea, and he improved it just that little bit. :))

The blue round bin in the middle was left over by the previous owners of our house. We think they stored pool toys or something in it, but we've never used it. Originally, I wanted to use a wagon to plant some lettuces, since they like to be kept cool, do fine in shade, and don't have especially deep roots. So I got a wagon.

A really, really nice wagon. For a really, really small price. Actually, I didn't think it was as nice as it was until I bought it. The wonders of bad photography and internet auctions. ;)

Anyway, it was way too nice to punch holes in the bottom for drainage, like I'd originally planned. I may still use it to hold lettuces, but with a tarp to protect it from the elements and a box on top, for the lettuces to grow in. (I looked into building a wheeled box, but you don't want to know what decent casters cost. D:) For the time being, the lettuces are going to live in the blue bin.

More photos will be forthcoming as my transplants get bigger and as the things I've seeded directly grow. :)

In the meantime, I'm still really pleased every time with how nice this looks. Also the fact that it was really, really inexpensive due to repurposing pallet wood. Not to mention the fact we kept a few pallets out of a landfill. :)