Haven't had one of these for awhile. It's the price of going incognito, one supposes. XD At any rate:

  • New short piece up on CarNewser: Why Buy a 2009 Nissan GT-R in 2011? Why indeed. There are a few simple reasons, if you've got the cash and are mad enough for this bargain-priced Porsche-thrasher. I did not say "thresher." Though that would be funny. XD
First entry of the new year! Woohoo!

  • New photo post up on CarEnvy: Picture of the Day: Prepping for Chicago Auto Show 2011 You should check this out even if you care nothing at all about cars. All you need to know is that Chicago got *hammered* with snow. If you didn't live through it and/or see pictures, it was pretty epic. Now it's a balmy -7F (-22C), but at least there's no snow and loads of sun today! :P
  • New Cuisine de Voiture post up on The Red Line: Guinness Beef Barley Stew. Because beef, unlike pokemon, can not only be trained in your car -- it can be cooked, as well.
  • News post on The Red Line: Looking For A Job? Top Gear Needs A New Stig. Some stringent qualifications required, as well as relocation. Must be an alien and willing to knock Rubens Barrichello into a wall with no notic, etc. etc. *coughs*
  • New video post at The Red Line: Rallying a Fiat 500 Abarth: Crank Those Speakers It's. Um. Yes. Well. It just needs to be longer. And I need a moment alone. Excuse me.

  • New editorial post at The Red Line: MINI USA FAIL When you do stuff like this, guys? It's really just an insult, and that's coming from someone who generally has a good opinion of you. Just imagine what I'd say if I didn't. :P
  • New post on The Red Line: ProDrive's Plans for their WRC Future We knew there was no way they were out of the WRC for good. And about time, too. A contest only between Citroën and Ford just isn't as exciting to watch. :P
  • New Cooking with F1 post up at The Spice is Right: Asparagus Risotto with Jus de Viande aux Champignons Infusés and Socca What's socca, you ask? Socca are delightful savory crepes made of chickpea flour and AWESOME. A little coarse kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper and they are hot, delicious HEAVEN. A lovely Monegasque meal wouldn't be complete without a nice bubbly, too, so indeed we did indulge. :)
  • New post on The Spice is Right: Scallop and Chicken Paella Valenciana Sometimes, it's all about simple ingredients prepared thoughtfully. Actually, no, a lot of the time, it is. This recipe is no exception. I hope you'll try it yourself sometime. :9 Sorry for the delay in posting, but I assure you there was no delay in cooking or eating. ;)
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( May. 7th, 2010 03:09 pm)
At long last, I'm ready to unleash the awesome that is the garden project we've been working on for awhile in Jannilandia. The initial plan was mine, but Joe made it better. I ♥ teamwork. :)

It originally started as planter boxes with a trellis, but we didn't put bottoms on them, so it's essentially raised beds. The majority of the wood (everything that wasn't part of the box frames or the trellis) came from repurposed pallets. Since they're meant for vegetables, and I believe strongly in growing things organically, I used several coats of tung oil to aid in weatherproofing the wood. I know that eventually it will decay, but that should aid in its longevity considerably. (Another reason the pallets were attractive was actually the fact that generally, the wood used to build them is untreated.)

Originally, I'd thought we could use heavy-duty staples to mount the home plastic fencing on the hinged trellis A-frame. Joe came up with the frame-on-frame sandwich, screwing the fencing into place for added strength and security. (See what I mean? I came up with a good idea, and he improved it just that little bit. :))

The blue round bin in the middle was left over by the previous owners of our house. We think they stored pool toys or something in it, but we've never used it. Originally, I wanted to use a wagon to plant some lettuces, since they like to be kept cool, do fine in shade, and don't have especially deep roots. So I got a wagon.

A really, really nice wagon. For a really, really small price. Actually, I didn't think it was as nice as it was until I bought it. The wonders of bad photography and internet auctions. ;)

Anyway, it was way too nice to punch holes in the bottom for drainage, like I'd originally planned. I may still use it to hold lettuces, but with a tarp to protect it from the elements and a box on top, for the lettuces to grow in. (I looked into building a wheeled box, but you don't want to know what decent casters cost. D:) For the time being, the lettuces are going to live in the blue bin.

More photos will be forthcoming as my transplants get bigger and as the things I've seeded directly grow. :)

In the meantime, I'm still really pleased every time with how nice this looks. Also the fact that it was really, really inexpensive due to repurposing pallet wood. Not to mention the fact we kept a few pallets out of a landfill. :)
  • New Cooking with F1 post over at The Spice is Right: Za Jiang Mein Delicious, delicious noodles covered with a delightfully dark pork sauce. Also other things that start with "d." Devilish? Perhaps. Delectable? Definitely. Deliquescent? That depends. Don't be delinquent in checking it out!
  • New post on The Spice is Right: Congee Breakfast: The Jook's On You Call me Kaiser, cos I'm totally on a roll. Hee. Also, that mint came out of my garden. Yes, I have apple mint already. It was delightful. :9
  • New Cooking with F1 post on The Spice is Right: Mee Jawa It's a Malaysian shrimp noodle soup. Seriously, how could you possibly go wrong?!? It didn't. Wait till you see the pictures. :9
  • New F1 video post on CarEnvy: What's Up with Lewis? I know I'm not the only one wondering, either. Not only is Crazy David Coulthard amongst those who are concerned, but he's actually devoted an entire column to it. Hopefully it's yet another instance of unfounded F1 drama, and we're not really witnessing the beginnings of a serious breakdown. He's a seriously talented driver, and it would be a travesty to see that happen so early in his top-tier career. I'm a firm believer in the underdog, so my natural inclination was to dislike and distrust all the attention HAM got once he'd moved up into F1. However, his talent and seeming graciousness won me over. Can't fault the kid for being successful and talented, can we? Here's hoping it all blows over soon.
  • On this past weekend's menu? Broiled Catfish with Tabbouleh. I don't think the recipe needs any further selling than that. Oh, except to say that it was every bit as tasty as it looks. Go get it!
  • New editorial on CarEnvy: Four More Things About the F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain The first race of the 2010 season has come and gone, and it was both an emotional and delicious experience. Go read and find out why. :)

  • Also, if you're on Facebook, you can now become a fan of CarEnvy! :D Go on, you know you want instant updates every time any single one of us @CarEnvy posts something new...;)
  • New feature up on The Spice is Right: Cooking with Formula One: 2010 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix If you've ever wondered why I've not tried combining two or more of my loves, wonder no more. Every F1 race of every season takes place in a different country. The world is delicious. Add those two things together and you get a delicious new menu from elsewhere in the world roughly every two weeks (except when the F1 paddock goes on hiatus). What's not to love? Join up today! :D


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