First entry of the new year! Woohoo!

  • New photo post up on CarEnvy: Picture of the Day: Prepping for Chicago Auto Show 2011 You should check this out even if you care nothing at all about cars. All you need to know is that Chicago got *hammered* with snow. If you didn't live through it and/or see pictures, it was pretty epic. Now it's a balmy -7F (-22C), but at least there's no snow and loads of sun today! :P
  • New F1 video post on CarEnvy: What's Up with Lewis? I know I'm not the only one wondering, either. Not only is Crazy David Coulthard amongst those who are concerned, but he's actually devoted an entire column to it. Hopefully it's yet another instance of unfounded F1 drama, and we're not really witnessing the beginnings of a serious breakdown. He's a seriously talented driver, and it would be a travesty to see that happen so early in his top-tier career. I'm a firm believer in the underdog, so my natural inclination was to dislike and distrust all the attention HAM got once he'd moved up into F1. However, his talent and seeming graciousness won me over. Can't fault the kid for being successful and talented, can we? Here's hoping it all blows over soon.
  • New editorial on CarEnvy: Four More Things About the F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain The first race of the 2010 season has come and gone, and it was both an emotional and delicious experience. Go read and find out why. :)

  • Also, if you're on Facebook, you can now become a fan of CarEnvy! :D Go on, you know you want instant updates every time any single one of us @CarEnvy posts something new...;)
  • New video post on CarEnvy: USF1's Remaining Options With time running out for teams to test and work the kinks out of their new designs before the 2010 season opener in Bahrain, it's clear USF1 is up a creek. It's also clear that they not only have no paddle, but those toasters they've been working on are likely all the ballast that's keeping them afloat. If tossed overboard, they're also likely to get a nasty shock. SpeedTV spoke with the FIA's Nick Craw, who in turn spoke with USF1 and was handling negotiations with them to try to see them on the grid as promised. Will it happen? Signs point to "not bloody likely."
  • New post on CarEnvy: 2010 Chicago Auto Show: 2011 Suzuki Kizashi Dear Suzuki, Please build an AWD wagon version of the Kizashi. Please. Don't just do it for me---it'll pay off, I promise. Sincerely, Janni

  • New post on CarEnvy: 2010 Chicago Auto Show: 2011 Ford Fiesta This is it, sporty Euro subcompact fans. This is the moment we've been waiting for. Remember how we got shafted on all the cool Focus evolutions that have come along since the car's introduction? Remember how we've continuously been fed "special" versions of the Focus that aren't at all like the cool ones we see being sold in Europe? If you've complained about this, you need to go check out the Fiesta. And hopefully buy one. If we put our money where our mouths are, hopefully we'll continue to get more stuff like this.
In case you missed it for 2009, I'll be tweeting on behalf of CarEnvy for the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. Once again, I won't be doing it from the Janniverse twitter feed, but from the official CarEnvy twitter feed instead.

If you followed my tweets last year (all two of you), you know what this means, right?


See you on the Intarwebs tomorrow, everyone! :D
  • New post on CarEnvy: Hydro-Québec to Test Mitsubishi iMiEV! Want to see a whole bunch of iMiEVs storming the roads? Head to the town of Boucherville in Québec. Starting later this year, they're going to have about 50 of the little beasts roaming wild over the course of the next four years, testing to see how they fare in real-world conditions. It doesn't seem that all 50 will start out together, but there will be 50 total over the next four years. Five is RIGHT OUT.
  • New video post on CarEnvy: Ride Along in the SLS AMG F1 Safety Car! Ever wondered what it's like having a go round an F1 track in the safety car? Here's your chance to learn. You'll want the sound up for this one, as nothing quite sounds like that engine. :D
  • New video post on CarEnvy: Travis Pastrana's New World Record Surely you've heard about it by now, but in case you weren't awake to watch it (or live somewhere it wasn't televised), you can watch Pastrana's world record shattering jump courtesy of the magic of YouTube. Yay.
  • New post on CarEnvy: USF1: The Series A team of animators have been running a short series of films on speculating about life at USF1. Hilarity has ensued. Go watch, and Happy New Year to everyone! :)
  • New F1 post up on CarEnvy: Silly Season in Full Swing Kamui Kobayashi's got a ride (yay!), Bernie Ecclestone's talking out both ends again, that other Schumacher boy is wibbling in public, and Peter Windsor insists USF1 isn't dead. Yet. Whew.
  • New post up on CarEnvy: Slidin' in a Winter Wonderland In which our intrepid Janni discovers the joys that only Nokian Hakkapeliitta R snow tires can bring on the FWD MkIII GTI VR6 that she has the pleasure of driving when she's not on two wheels. (Which would be, uh, when there's snow and ice on the ground, basically. If it's cold and there's not snow and ice, she may still be on Harvey anyway, because that is, in fact, how she rolls. Yo.) Also, yes, our intrepid Janni has learnt how to spell "Hakkapeliitta" correctly from memory. Oh, Suomi and your double "I"s! You tricksy devil, you! ;)
  • New F1 post on CarEnvy: He's Baaaaaaaack! I may be missing an "a" or two in there, for which I apologize profusely. To which "he" am I referring? If you're any sort of F1 fan at all, even if you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months, chances are excellent you already know just from reading that phrase.

    If you guessed "Max Mosley," I'm very, very sorry for you. ;)

Also, I've started a Tumblog for uncensored kitchen mayhem that feels like it doesn't fit elsewhere. Nothing like having all my bases covered. :) If you want to follow me there, it's called All Mixed Up, and is accessible via the link. Some (and possibly all) bits will have notifications posted to the Janniverse Twitter feed when new things are posted.

Also, as always, notification of any Janniversal updates shall be posted here forthwith.

[ETA: Tumblog link fixed. Sorry about that! XD]
  • New post on CarEnvy: Aston Martin, Cygnet Concept, Revealed! You think I'm kidding? Let me assure you I'm not. They've taken a Toyota iQ and attempted to Aston-fy it. The interior looks nice. For its intended purpose, I'm almost willing to buy it. Still, when J heard about this back when it was initially announced (and before the actual concept had been brought to bear), he was thoroughly convinced that this was THE moment when the entire auto industry jumped the shark. BE WARNED.


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