• New Cooking with F1 post over at The Spice is Right: Za Jiang Mein Delicious, delicious noodles covered with a delightfully dark pork sauce. Also other things that start with "d." Devilish? Perhaps. Delectable? Definitely. Deliquescent? That depends. Don't be delinquent in checking it out!
  • New post on The Spice is Right: Congee Breakfast: The Jook's On You Call me Kaiser, cos I'm totally on a roll. Hee. Also, that mint came out of my garden. Yes, I have apple mint already. It was delightful. :9
  • New Cooking with F1 post on The Spice is Right: Mee Jawa It's a Malaysian shrimp noodle soup. Seriously, how could you possibly go wrong?!? It didn't. Wait till you see the pictures. :9
  • On this past weekend's menu? Broiled Catfish with Tabbouleh. I don't think the recipe needs any further selling than that. Oh, except to say that it was every bit as tasty as it looks. Go get it!
  • New feature up on The Spice is Right: Cooking with Formula One: 2010 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix If you've ever wondered why I've not tried combining two or more of my loves, wonder no more. Every F1 race of every season takes place in a different country. The world is delicious. Add those two things together and you get a delicious new menu from elsewhere in the world roughly every two weeks (except when the F1 paddock goes on hiatus). What's not to love? Join up today! :D
  • New YotB post on The Spice is Right: Thai Curry Croquette Finger Food Bento Really, who doesn't like finger food? Apart from people who don't like fun, that is. Or are trying to drive whilst eating. Driving while eating finger food ends well for no one. If you've got proper time to sit and have a meal, though, what could be better than a bunch of tasty, reasonably healthy finger foods? And soup, which should presumably not be eaten with one's fingers. Unless you're a baby, in which case you're likely not reading this post anyway. How did I make croquettes healthy? I baked them. :)
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( Mar. 9th, 2010 09:18 am)
  • New post on The Spice is Right: Recycle Your Food Scientific American posted an article recently about the massive problem of food wastage in the U.S. While it's good as far as it goes, there's a lot more that people can do on an individual level that doesn't take a lot of work at all. I've written about it here, and hope you'll take a moment to read it.
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( Feb. 8th, 2010 09:23 am)
  • New tutorial up on The Spice is Right: Tazukuri It's sweet, it's salty, it's packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals! It's even got calcium, for those of you who are lactose-intolerant! Obviously it's not good if you're vegetarian and/or don't like fish. If you're neither a vegetarian nor a fish-hater, you may want to try it! :9
  • New YotB post up on The Spice is Right: Bento No. 4: Chicken Korma The one thing I would have changed about this? Topping it with cilantro instead of parsley. Didn't have cilantro in the house, though, so parsley it was. Don't get me wrong, the parsley was tasty, but the cilantro would have been tastier. If it wasn't January, I'd have some growing just outside my patio door. Doh. :P
  • New tutorial up on The Spice is Right: Perfect Rice Forever. Loads of other tutorials exist about how to cook rice, so why did I do one? Because almost all the others involve using a rice cooker, which I don't ever use at home. Do I know how to use one? Yes. But is it necessary? No. And to put it simply, I want less people to be intimidated by cooking real, proper rice. It is not difficult, and it is healthy and delicious. I want everyone to feel they can give it a go, and nothing is more simple than cooking it on your stovetop if you only follow a few simple rules.
  • New YotB post at The Spice is Right: Bento No. 3: Omuraisu (Japanese Omelette Rice). It's warm and comforting, and can be reasonably healthy, depending on what you put into it. I had a hot dog that I didn't want to throw away, so I used it. It was less healthy. Not horrible, but definitely not an affair favored for everyday nomming. Bursting with peas, though. I ♥ peas. :)
  • New YotB post on The Spice is Right: Bento No. 1: Sweet Chilli-Glazed Chicken Bento It was every bit as delightful as it looks, yes. I'm really quite pleased with how this is working out, and predict it will be endlessly inspirational for me. I hope it is for you as well. Also, you know who to call if you want some...;)
  • New entry up on The Spice is Right: Year of the Bento: Introduction to Bento ...she says, while listening to Le Tigre. *waits for sizzle that never comes* Ah, yes, I've got a million of 'em. ;) I'm trying to treat myself a little better as regards lunch, and I'm inviting you along for the ride. Of delicious, bento-y doom. Come along and join the show, new rides will be leaving regularly! :)
  • New post on The Spice is Right: So Very Fond(ant) of You Tomorrow's my coworker Sarah's birthday, so we had her work party today. I made a cake, and it's easily the prettiest one I think I've ever made. Go check it out; handful of photos posted in that entry. :D
  • New post on The Spice is Right: Baby Got Bundt The other day, I had the maddest craving for angel food cake with strawberries. Unfortunately, to make said cake would have involved leaving the house, as I had neither strawberries nor whipped cream on hand. Instead, I made a delicious angel food variant, and you can read all about it if you click the link.
  • New post on The Spice is Right: I Wanna (Cinnamon) Roll You Up Into My Life I made cinnamon rolls yesterday, sans any sort of frosting. Would you like to see how they turned out? I bet you didn't even read down this far because you clicked that link so fast. ;)

  • New Picture of the Day post on CarEnvy: Heikki + Lewis No, they haven't run away together. If I explain the photo here, it won't be funny, so just take a look at it.

In other news, I'm currently making individual spiced angel food cakes. As usual, there's a twist---and you'll see it when I post up at TSiR about it. ;)

Delicious dreams, everyone.
  • New article up on The Spice is Right: Bread-Bakers' Anonymous, in which our intrepid Janni refuses to admit that she may have a problem of pannish proportions.

  • New fan page for the Janniverse Etsy shop set up over on Facebook! If you're on Facebook, and you like my stuff, why not become my fan and be the first to get updates whenever there are any to be gotten? :D I'm also hoping that eventually, satisfied customers will take fun photos of themselves with stuff I've made (or just fun photos of stuff I've made, if they'd rather) and post them to the fan page. Hey, I can dream, right? :)
  • New F1 news article on CarEnvy: PSA: Felipe Massa Get-Well Card. A concerned fan is organizing a global effort to send one gigantic care package to Massa to cheer him in his recovery. For more information, read the article! :)

  • New article on The Spice is Right: Keep It Simple, Stupid. The Sunday Times has written today about a new study just out that states that foods labeled organic have no actual health benefits. I try hard not to view either side of the argument through rose-colored glasses, but there are some definite flaws with this study---such as the fact that it fails completely to take into account usage of industrial chemicals and pesticides (or conversely, lack thereof) in making determinations about health benefits/detriments.
  • New editorial post up on CarEnvy: What do Women Want, Automotively Speaking? I'll say right now that I find automated parallel parking assistance programs (such as Ford's "Active Park Assist") to be stupid and potentially harmful to the driving public at large. What, people need more excuses to allow themselves to be distracted from actually driving while they're driving? It's a crutch, and it's potentially very hurtful to society at large. While it was either Toyota or Mercedes-Benz who first developed the technology (my apologies for not recalling which off the top of my head), it's Ford who's particularly earned my ire with their cynical marketing toward women. After all, everyone knows women can't drive OR parallel park. Please excuse me while I go stab a watermelon repeatedly in frustration and annoyance.

  • New F1 News post up on CarEnvy: Felipe Massa Injured in Hungaroring Qualifying If you haven't heard about this already, you can read all about how (and yes, he's recovering well now, from all reports) here. And you can also read about how apparently, several far more professional and venerable news outlets than us have apparently lost all ability to spell due to their grief over this incident. He does seem like a nice enough guy; don't suppose I can really blame them. In fact, it's probably quite horrible of me to even point it out. What a brat. ;)

  • New recipe post up on The Spice is Right: Pastel de Tres Leches y Chocolate Just when you thought a pastel de tres leches couldn't get any better, some brilliant and devious individual went and added chocolate. Unfortunately, I can't lay claim to being the one who invented it...but I can tell you this recipe is pretty fantastic. Indeed, it's drier than some tres leches cakes I can recall having (or making)...but it's plenty moist, and it's a little easier to handle if you're considering undertaking the architecture of such a thing for yourself. Points to consider, yo. NOTE TO SELF: Another point to consider for next time may involve melting some Abuelita down and involving it somehow. Mmmm. :9


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