• New post on The Spice is Right: So Very Fond(ant) of You Tomorrow's my coworker Sarah's birthday, so we had her work party today. I made a cake, and it's easily the prettiest one I think I've ever made. Go check it out; handful of photos posted in that entry. :D
  • New editorial post up on CarEnvy: What do Women Want, Automotively Speaking? I'll say right now that I find automated parallel parking assistance programs (such as Ford's "Active Park Assist") to be stupid and potentially harmful to the driving public at large. What, people need more excuses to allow themselves to be distracted from actually driving while they're driving? It's a crutch, and it's potentially very hurtful to society at large. While it was either Toyota or Mercedes-Benz who first developed the technology (my apologies for not recalling which off the top of my head), it's Ford who's particularly earned my ire with their cynical marketing toward women. After all, everyone knows women can't drive OR parallel park. Please excuse me while I go stab a watermelon repeatedly in frustration and annoyance.

  • New F1 News post up on CarEnvy: Felipe Massa Injured in Hungaroring Qualifying If you haven't heard about this already, you can read all about how (and yes, he's recovering well now, from all reports) here. And you can also read about how apparently, several far more professional and venerable news outlets than us have apparently lost all ability to spell due to their grief over this incident. He does seem like a nice enough guy; don't suppose I can really blame them. In fact, it's probably quite horrible of me to even point it out. What a brat. ;)

  • New recipe post up on The Spice is Right: Pastel de Tres Leches y Chocolate Just when you thought a pastel de tres leches couldn't get any better, some brilliant and devious individual went and added chocolate. Unfortunately, I can't lay claim to being the one who invented it...but I can tell you this recipe is pretty fantastic. Indeed, it's drier than some tres leches cakes I can recall having (or making)...but it's plenty moist, and it's a little easier to handle if you're considering undertaking the architecture of such a thing for yourself. Points to consider, yo. NOTE TO SELF: Another point to consider for next time may involve melting some Abuelita down and involving it somehow. Mmmm. :9